Welcome to PyCupid’s documentation!

Welcome to PyCupid proyect: Python wrappers for Starlink’s CUPID package. CUPID is part of the Starlink Software Collection <http://www.starlink.ac.uk/>, it provides a set of commands that identify and analyse clumps of emission within 2- and 3-dimensional data arrays.

This module aims to be a clean interface between CUPID implementation (C and Fortran) and Python. As such, users can simply import the module and use CUPID functions as if they were implemented in Python.

For examples look into our Ipython Notebook Repository.


To use PyCupid Wrappers you can install it directly from PyPI (recommended):

pip install pycupid

or clone the project repository and run:

python setup.py build install

which is not recommended since it requires to clone the whole Starlink project and compile CUPID.

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